About me

Hi, I’m Hanusia! I’m a graduate student, tree hugger, makeup lover, vegan, cat mom (but to be clear, I love cats and dogs EQUALLY!), Lizzo disciple, and aspiring “I go to bed early and my room is always clean” type of person. Not to brag, but in 8th grade I placed tenth in a regional spelling bee.*

Me on Valentine’s Day this year, injecting a tree with insecticide in a Tennessee state park. Romantic!

On this blog, you can expect all kinds of content. Actually, it might be better to not expect much just yet. Let’s set that bar low.

Here are some memes, tweets, and other shareable bits of Internet media I’m currently loving:

For some infuriating reason I can’t embed it here, but this is my favorite TikTok.

*The word I was eliminated on was “tchotchke.” I knew how to spell the word and had practiced it many times; in the heat of the moment, I said ‘t’ instead of ‘o’ and ruined my life. The mistake haunts me to this day.