Welcome to my blog!

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.

— John Muir
Me, circa 2009, sitting on the world’s largest spruce tree in Quinault, WA. Wearing an Aeropostale T-shirt with the words “One Love” superimposed on an illustration of Earth. On a pit stop from a “Twi-Tour” to visit Forks, WA and various filming locations from the movie Twilight, based on the book by Stephenie Meyer. I contain ~multitudes~.

For months I’ve been wanting to start blogging again, but I couldn’t decide which topic to focus on. Veganism? Makeup? Forest ecology? My indecision pushed this project onto the back burner. (And full disclosure: I just started grad school, so this is definitely still a back burner kind of deal.) Finally, I decided to let this be a space for all my interests — that’s who I am as a person, so why not bring the mishmash to the blog-o-sphere? Let’s see how it goes!

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  1. Jane Zankman says:

    yay! can’t wait for more ❤


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